Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Tuesday Turntable for 2/24/09

This week's theme is upbeat, dance-y, get-yourself-out-of-bed-and-into-the-big-bad-world-with-a-pep-in-your-step kinds of songs.

We start off with "Jai Ho," A.R. Rahman's Oscar-Winning finale to Slumdog Millionaire. As someone unfamiliar with Bollywood, this song is definitely novel to me, but I find it totally infectious and it never fails to put me in a great, inspired mood. Little Golden Man well deserved!

Next up is "Ulysses" off the new Tonight: Franz Ferdinand. This is sort of a taster, considering you will be getting a concert review of the best Scotland has to offer next month. Think of this song as the anthem of going out with your best, most dolled-up friends and wreaking havoc on the local nightlife. Gives me big smiles every time!

"Lightspeed" by Matt and Kim is another teaser, expect to see more of them on the site in the upcoming weeks. It's a wonder this dance-punk duo has remained as far under the radar as they have, but with the release of Grand a month ago, hopefully this will change in the near future.

A (relative) oldie-but-goodie, it would be a crime to leave "Dashboard" by Modest Mouse off a playlist of the best dance beats in indie rock. I suppose the hidden underlying theme of this Turntable is previews of upcoming articles, since there will be a review of this Saturday's Boulder Modest Mouse show posted in the very near future!

Finally, we end with 2008's best act, MGMT, and their fantastic "Electric Feel." After being named best of 2008 by multiple big-name music sites and magazines, everyone is just itching to see what MGMT does with their well-earned new fanbase. 

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  1. Isn't Bollywood fantastic? I love all these songs, you're off to a great start! {}