Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday Turntable 3.3.09

Jamba, Listeners!

This week's Tuesday Turntable revolves around (haha, punny) covers!
When a band loves a song so much, they feel like stealing it.
But that's not how it goes at all, right? These 5 songs are some of my favorite covers I've come across, because they make the songs their own without losing what made the song great in the first place.

First is my favorite from the list, "Float On" by Goldspot. This was featured in the last The O.C. mix CD, which was, oddly enough, devoted to covers. As always, The O.C. finds us a gem you wouldn't expect from a show about spoiled rich teenagers. 

Next up, something a little more intense - Sia's version of "Paranoid Android," orignially by Radiohead. Not for beginners! She sort of... spaces out with this one. In a good way, I hope you think. 

To get you off of that Sia psych-trip, we have the far more upbeat "Lost in the Supermarket" by Ben Folds. This one was featured in Dreamworks cartoon Over the Hedge, and is upbeat enough for a cartoon without losing The Clash's message.

We follow with The Cranberries' "Zombie" performed by Miser. I lied on this one, Miser really didn't make this song very new or original... but it's a pretty badass anthem nonetheless. And who could hope to top The Cranberries, come on.

Finishing with Ryan Adams' dreamy "Wonderwall," borrowed from Oasis. Beautiful, haunting song, even more addictive than the original. 

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  1. I like this! But what about Ben Folds' "Bitches Ain't Shit"? It's so super fantastic! It's the most G cover ever.

  2. Horrible cover of Float On. That is all.

  3. or Jenny Owens Youngs cover of hot in herre (BEST THING EVA!!!!!!!!)

  4. This dr. quackles character is wack I tell you, I like the Float On cover! The Wonderwall one isn't bad, but leaves something to be desired. I suppose the original does too after you've heard it enough times.